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At Return Path, we are building an extraordinary company that helps people and businesses communicate more reliably, effectively, and securely. We analyze email data and build solutions that generate insights for senders, mailbox providers, and users to ensure that inboxes contain only messages that users want.

If you’ve been following the email business at all — and, if you’re on this site, there’s a way-better-than-average chance you have been — you’ve probably noticed that many of the best people in the field have chosen to work at Return Path. There’s a good reason for that — and it’s not just our dental plan (although we do have an excellent one). It’s because we hire smart, focused, creative people, and then set them free to make email work better for businesses and consumers.

We also offer some of the best employee benefits this side of Sweden: highly competitive medical, dental, life and other benefits; continuing education allowances; and flexible paid time off so you can enjoy a life outside the office.

But perhaps even more important than the quantifiable benefits are the ones that are harder to define: the flexible, casual work environment where new ideas are more important than following formulas; the joy of being part of a thriving company full of smart, dedicated people; and the knowledge that your supervisors are looking out for your growth, not just the company’s. You just can’t beat the satisfaction of working at a place that, believe it or not, can make email feel less like a job and more like a calling.

We really focus on getting the right people in the right jobs."